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55% of All BTC Is Parked in Whale-Sized Wallets

If the huge amount of BTC locked in the wallets of long-term investors is anything to by, bitcoin’s nascent adopters are in no hurry to cash out. Many of the coins accrued and stored in the cryptocurrency’s earliest days have yet to move.


Google Security Expert Warns Against Bitcoin Bragging Online

Mark Risher, Google’s director of product management, Google Identity, account security, and spam & abuse, recently urged cryptocurrency investors not to brag about their virtual currency holdings online.


Proof of Use? Civil Believes This ICO Model Lets It Sell Anyone Tok…

Civil, the blockchain startup looking to disrupt media, will be offering its crypto token to investors of all kinds – both accredited and unaccredited – next week.


Korea Taps Samsung's Blockchain Tech to Fight Customs Fraud

South Korea's customs authority is looking to adopt Samsung's blockchain tech as the backbone of a decentralized customs clearance system.


Bitcoin Price Takes a $200 Tumble After Eight-Day Highs

Having eased from eight-day highs, bitcoin (BTC) price could be in for a minor bout of consolidation, before further upside unfolds.


New French Law Sets Out Guidelines For ICOs

After slashing taxes on profits made from cryptocurrency trading by more than half, France has now implemented a new legal framework for initial coin offerings (ICOs). Is Europe’s third largest economy transforming into a haven for cryptocurrency?


10 Years After Lehman: Bitcoin and Wall Street Are Closer Than Ever

Hank Paulson, former secretary of the U.S. Treasury, called it "an economic 9/11." Having loaded up on mortgage debt that went sour, then failed to find a savior in the government or private sector, the 158-year-old Wall Street investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy on Sept. 15, 2008.


Ethereum's ASIC Rebellion Heats Up With New Effort to Brick Big Miners

"When mining ether won't pay for power anymore, what will you do?" The question – posed on an ethereum forum Thursday – is emblematic of a growing anxiety among the miners who today dedicate both computing power and machinery to securing the world's second-largest cryptocurrency.


Tired of Bank Bailouts and Hyperinflation? Bitcoin Offers Something…

People often wonder why a cryptocurrency with a limited supply like bitcoin has been gaining traction over the years. Since the 2008 financial crisis, the world’s central banks have printed around $12-30 trillion worth of promissory notes, and more than $10 trillion in negative-yielding global bonds.